D.F.S, Drilling Formula Sheets, is a compendium of calculation formulas used daily by drillers in the exploration & production sector. Providing both calculations and methodologies for each formula, D.F.S allows users to save their work on different telecommunication equipments (mobile & cloud) to access data online or offline, anytime, anywhere in the world. Users can also rework calculations instantly  on smart devices browser and share information with supervising teams and HQ. It also permits to track and report calculations activities from minute to hour to daily activity.

D.F.S counts 7 drilling formula groups:

  • Applied Drilling Formulas
  • Basic Drilling Formulas
  • Directional Drilling Calculations
  • Drilling Fluid Formulas
  • Engineering Formulas
  • Hydraulic Formulas
  • Well Control Formulas

Drilling Formula Sheets- D.F.S mobile app

And 79 calculation types, such as:

  • Drilling cost per feet
  • Displacement of plain pipe
  • Density of oil/water mixture
  • Actual gas migration rate
  • Annular pressure loss
  • Barrel per foot

D.F.S is equipped with end-to-end encryption and has banking level security. Skynet also features proprietary mobile encryption, preventing from the loss and the robbery of files.

All company members can use the same industry standard/customised formulas. Users only have to put in the numbers and D.F.S takes care of the rest.

Download D.F.S now on iOS and Android!