June 26, 2013

Irish development company Skynet Labs launches first in suite of turnkey apps built for E&P field data cloud management

Skynet Labs, Oil & Gas analysis & optimization software company, is excited to announce the release of D.U.C Pro on smartphone and tablet for iOS and Android devices. D.U.C is a “must-have” mobile app tool for the E&P industry. “Drillers Unit Conversions” software app is the last word in oil & gas industry conversions. This feature-rich conversion application contains 6 different sections of conversions, 65 conversions, 521 unit metrics and 6,791 algorithms. Conversions include acceleration and angle, flow rates and frequency, volume and weight to weight per unit length. D.U.C. Lite is also available cross platform and provides the same functions as D.U.C. Pro but with a reduced set of conversions.

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 16.43.29Of the announcement, Founder & CEO Tim Duggan noted, “Today’s Oil & Gas pain is in technology and effective data management. Uneconomical process flow is crippling the productivity and production rates of most oil companies. Analysis and communication competencies around big data do not exist for the mid-tier oil and gas industry. Spreadsheet issues and information redundancy are common problems at a mission critical level in the oil drilling space – upwards of 80% of drilling engineers spend 3 hours per day recording routine metrics and performing calculations using out-dated methodologies; paper and pencil, calculators, excel spreadsheets…D.U.C employs modern day real-time cloud technologies to mitigate expensive non-productive time.

D.U.C Lite, a limited version of the Drillers Unit Conversions app with ad-support and reduced formulas, is available for free to iOS and Android smartphone owners. D.U.C Pro can be purchased for €22.99 on the iOS app store and €19.99 on Google’s Android market place.

D.U.C Benefits

  • Standardised conversion formulae

Mitigate the human error risk inherent in big data entry, conversion, compilation, transfer and sharing with universal end-user access to industry approved, standardised formulae.

  • Secure encrypted data records

Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) US Government level Rijndael cipher security safeguards data migration, storage and collaboration, insuring accurate, on-time business intelligence.

  • Seamless data management & collaboration

Multi-tenant SaaS cloud server technology facilitates 99.9% uptime for multi-user access permissions, log-in, offline synchronisation, saved and shared calculations.

About Skynet Labs 

Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, with an office in Houston, TX, Skynet Labs develops secure real-time Oil & Gas analysis and optimization software. We provide scalable, integrated tools for Exploration and Production; tools delivered on smart devices and in-browser that save time and money by optimizing how data is aggregated, analyzed, tracked and shared. Our software reduces non-productive time, increases ROP and improves reporting. We revolutionise how those in the oil and gas industry use and manage project data, calculations, communication and workflow through our secure E&P SaaS framework. Continuous improvement and product development partnerships with vested industry stakeholders allow us take requirements from well-site drillers to mud engineers to IT officers and quickly deploy software solutions, enabling ever faster, improved quality workflows.


If you would like further information about D.U.C Pro, or wish to schedule an interview, please contact :

Jonny Darling
Marketing & Acquisition
Dublin Office:  (+353) 1 685 4415
Website: www.skynetlabs.com

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