D.U.C Lite, Drilling Unit Converter, is a “must-have” mobile application tool for the E&P industry. Popular with rig engineers and oil well drillers, our customers reference this comprehensive drilling unit conversions library to log well data. D.U.C Lite app is a limited  version of D.U.C pro. It includes the same functions with a reduced number of conversion formulas. Available cross-platform on Apple iOS and Google Android.

Oil&Gas Drilling Converter Calculator AppIt contains 6 sections of conversions including:
– Area
– Pressure
– Mass Gradient, Torque, Force to Weight, Mass
– Volume
– Annular Velocities, Wind Speed & Length
– Mud Weight, Temperature & API
– Annular capacities

And 14 conversions, such as:
– Pressure Gradient
– Density
– Temperature…

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