The D.U.C Pro app is industry leading drilling unit conversions mobile software for professionals in Oil&Gas . Valued by E&P drillers, this feature-rich conversion app contains 6 different sections of conversions, 65 conversions, 521 unit metrics and 6,791 algorithms. D.U.C pro allows users to save their work on the app and synchronise automatically with the cloud. Data is accessible anytime, anywhere with offline mode. D.U.C Pro users enjoy built-in collaboration functionality for operational team-work.

D.U.C Pro Conversion Categories

  • Basic Conversions
  • Gas Conversions
  • Fluid Conversions
  • Force & Power Conversions
  • Drilling Conversions
  • Production Conversions

65 Conversion Types

  • Density
  • Gas Volume
  • Fluid Consistency
  • Fracture Conductivity
  • Mud Weight… And many more.

D.U.C pro also exists in D.U.C Lite version with a reduced set of conversions.

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