For the past two years, Skynet Labs has been building a decentralized storage and app hosting platform that makes it easy to join the decentralized internet movement. Today, we’re proud to announce that we have been approved for a grant from Web3 Foundation for this project and have now completed our final milestone.

Today, we’re releasing the Skynet Substrate SDK, a collection of tools that lets teams developing with Substrate build Skynet interaction directly into their project, whether it’s run on top of Polkadot or Kusama, or operated as its own solo blockchain.

Substrate is a framework for building independent, modular blockchains that can be secured and interconnected by Polkadot (or its more experimental variant, Kusama). These application-specific blockchains, called “parachains”, can now take advantage of Skynet for off-chain storage. Integrating Skynet into your Substrate project allows for the easy creation of Off-chain Workers that can interact with a Skynet portal to upload, download and modify Skynet data for use by other nodes or by client-side Dapps.

The release of Skynet Substrate SDK was supported by Web3 Foundation’s Grants Program, which is focused on funding software development and research in the field of decentralized software protocols.

Here are just a few examples of what’s possible with Skynet Substrate SDK:

  • Automatic re-pinning of NFTs stored on Skynet
  • Group voting to control resolver skylinks
  • Publishing application data for easy access and usage by web apps

Skynet Substrate SDK contains the code necessary to implement the following Skynet behavior in an off-chain worker:

  • Download & Upload Skyfiles
  • Read & Write from the Registry
  • Update Resolver Skylinks
  • Repin existing Skylinks
  • Set a URL for specific portal interaction

Ready to get your hands dirty with the tooling? Check out our documentation page for more info.