Skynet Labs is excited to announce our integration with ArGoApp, a web app deployment platform for Decentralized Storage Networks (DSNs). Skynet is one such DSN and an open protocol for hosting data and web applications on the decentralized web, built using the Sia blockchain.

Skynet Labs is thrilled to see more providers implementing Skynet for managed web deployments. By using Skynet on the back-end, ArGoApp enables developers to deploy any front-end web app with 100% uptime and no hidden deployment fees. Similar to Vercel and Netlify on the centralized web, ArGoApp boasts an intuitive UI for maintaining deployments and Skylinks. Developers can also easily resolve Handshake domains to those Skylinks.

Both teams share a core ethos around the power of decentralized systems to give users and developers more autonomy, censorship-resistance, and self-determination. Notably, ArGoApp prioritizes decentralization in a key way with its ERC-20 utility token. This way, developers can choose between multiple cloud storage providers (such a Skynet or Arweave) without having to hold multiple wallets and tokens required by these protocols. Therefore, developers on ArGoApp are free to integrate the best of the decentralized web without ecosystem hurdles that can come with using different DSNs.

The ArGoApp team prides itself on providing decentralized web hosting that gives greater privacy and security at a lower cost than the centralized web, which you can read more about here or by visiting

To use Skynet for free decentralized data sharing or to integrate your decentralized app, go to

This article was originally published on the Sia Blog.