BOSTON, Massachusetts, September 1, 2021 — Today, Ethereum Name Service (ENS) and Skynet Labs announce a partnership to advance Web3 via decentralized domain naming and decentralized web hosting, respectively. Built on Ethereum, ENS is a decentralized naming protocol and the most widely integrated blockchain naming service. Skynet Labs is the team behind the Sia blockchain network and is a leading decentralized data storage provider.

Skynet Labs now joins IPFS and Swarm in powering decentralized, censorship-resistant website hosting using an ENS name. “Happy we got Skynet integration done!” Brantly Millegan, Director of Operations at ENS, explained. “Decentralized websites are a key part of the emerging Web3 ecosystem, e.g. so that dapps can have decentralized front-ends.”

Owners of an ENS name can now use their .eth domain to point to web apps deployed to Skynet’s decentralized storage. This would not be possible without key support from MetaMask and Cloudflare, which resolve ENS names to data on Skynet.

Unlike traditional domain names, not all browsers can access ENS names. However, any user with the MetaMask extension installed on their browser is able to access the ENS domain and associated web app on Skynet.

Similarly, users on any browser or device can also access web apps stored on Skynet through Cloudflare’s service. Cloudflare accomplishes this by resolving’s to their corresponding .eth address. MetaMask and Cloudflare provide key redundancy and censorship-resistance for decentralized websites, thus democratizing access to information in a free and open web.

David Vorick, Skynet Labs Founder and CEO shares his excitement for Skynet’s support of the Ethereum ecosystem: “We see the Web3 ecosystem as the new frontier for the Internet, and we are eager to push forward a world where people can control their own online experience.”

As leaders in the decentralized internet movement, ENS and Skynet Labs are proud to set the standard for more cross-chain integrations. The two teams showcase the importance of these collaborations in creating a better decentralized future around data ownership and self-determination.

About ENS

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is the leading blockchain-based naming protocol, with +100k users and +260 services where you can use your ENS name. In addition to pointing at a decentralized website, you can also use your ENS name as your portable web3 username and to simplify cryptocurrency payments. Learn more at

About Skynet Labs

Skynet Labs builds resilient software infrastructure for the decentralized internet. This includes Sia, the leading decentralized cloud storage platform and Skynet, a content hosting and application development platform. Skynet Labs defines uncompromising infrastructure as scalable, trustless, secure, and most importantly, fully decentralized. Skynet Labs stands out as one of the few deeply technical teams that consistently deliver real products with significant potential. Learn more at, join us on Discord, and email us at [email protected].