Nebulous rebrands to Skynet Labs with decentralized internet as the cornerstone of our mission

Logo and Typography

With the launch of Skynet, Nebulous’s focus shifted from building the leading decentralized data storage platform to enabling a user-controlled, truly decentralized internet. As we embrace the rich legacy and the solid foundation of Sia and assimilate our new mission, it is important that our brand evolves.

“We believe that having a single name for both the company and the product will simplify the experience for users and make the ecosystem more accessible.” — David Vorick  Skynet: The future of Nebulous

We are beyond excited to announce that Nebulous has now fully rebranded to Skynet Labs. We have an updated Skynet logo, typography, font, color palette, and a brand new website at! Over the next few days, you will see the changes reflected across our socials and code repositories including the split between Siad and Skyd.

The new brand assets are cleaner, more readable, and allow for a versatile background — now build your Skynet apps seamlessly in light or dark mode. The font moves away from the Terminator franchise to a personality of its own. The new Skynet green is friendlier, while still being refreshingly different.

The new website encapsulates the vision for Skynet and for the decentralized internet. Skynet is more than our team, it is a global phenomenon. It is a movement towards a better, free internet. It is cutting edge while also accessible for everyone.

We have worked towards a modern design with an overhauled upload widget, new developer and about pages, and the ability to login and sign up for our new accounts from the homepage. We’ll soon have an updated news page for showcasing all Skynet announcements, and much more. new website

Skynet branding and messaging will continue to grow over the coming years and decades alongside the technology and ecosystem. For now, we are in love with the current design and believe it does an excellent job of capturing Skynet’s essence. Hope you like the new brand and website as much as we do!

You can download our new logo and read our updated brand guidelines here.

This article was originally published on the Sia Blog.