On November 15th, 2022 the websites and services hosted by Skynet Labs will be permanently shutting down. All paying users will be refunded for the remaining time on their subscriptions. We realize that this is a dramatic shift from our previous messaging, which was that major infrastructure such as siasky.net, skynetfree.net, and skynetpro.net would all continue running with support from the Sia Foundation.

Unfortunately, Skynet Labs and the Sia Foundation were not able to arrive at a suitable agreement for the ongoing maintenance of the Skynet Labs infrastructure. As a result, we have determined that the best course of action is a complete shutdown.

If you have any files or services that need to be migrated, or would like to continue using Skynet via a community portal, we recommend migrating them to web3portal.com. We will be available in the Skynet Labs Discord or available by email if you need assistance. We apologize for this turn of events.