Today more than ever, users are aware that centralized social platforms are putting profits and stock prices over user rights of privacy and data. This degree of trust in centralized tech is a slippery slope that enables malicious behavior from special interest groups, political parties, and rogue developers.

As users are looking for a way out of the black hole and iron fist of today’s social platforms, Web3 has cast a new vision for mainstream adoption of trustless, decentralized social applications that are owned by users, instead of corporations.

Over the past two years, Skynet has focused on building decentralized infrastructure for developers to support a new wave of web3 social dApps that put users first. Our vision is to see the next Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook be trustless applications that allow user ownership of data, identity, and social graphs. With trustless social dApps built around data interoperability, users can easily move across applications without having to risk social consequences or being locked out of features that have become integral to everyday living.

Ownership Economy and Creator Tokens

The rise of NFT's in 2021 proved that the creators have a place in web3, but NFTs are just the tip of the iceberg. Web3 coined the term “Ownership Economy”,  promising a new method of monetization to replace the pitfalls of advertising models. Creator Tokens are the new stocks of web3, granting users’ ownership and financial stake in the platforms they use and the communities they build.

Skynet extends the token monetization model of the ownership economy not only to content creators, but developers as well. Kernel, Skynet’s newest release will allow developers to build on decentralized and interoperable data, enabling monetization of shared code and trustless API’s saved on Skynet. This fuels sustainable innovation and platform diversity while distributing wealth among all contributors, whether you’re a content creator on a social application or a core contributor to open-sourced code.

Developer Infrastructure for Social Applications

Decentralized storage and infrastructure pave the way for social dApps that give control back to users. Our platform emphasizes ease of use, developer ergonomics, and matches the performance and scalability of web2 infrastructure. With the upcoming launch of Skynet Kernel, developers will be able to build decentralized API’s and share data between applications in a verifiable and trustless way.

There are countless web2 applications yet to be decentralized for a web3 future. Looking to host a decentralized application on Skynet or save your personal files on decentralized storage? Create your free account on Skynet at,  or sign up for a Skynet Pro account for $20/ month to save up to 4 TB of data.

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